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1. Introduction

These terms and conditions govern your use of this current website (the Website) and its related or connected services (collectively, the “Services”). These Terms set out important information about your rights and responsibilities for your use of the Website and Services. These Terms constitute an agreement between you and us, which constitutes a binding legal agreement for the use of this Website and/or Service. To use this Website and/or Services, you are deemed to agree to these Terms, which will be published from time to time. Amendments are published and will be active and effective immediately upon their publication on this website. If you do not agree to these changes, you must immediately stop using our Service. Any market not completed prior to this change will be marketed on the previous terms without prejudice.

2. Your Responsibilities

By accessing the Website and using the Services, you acknowledge and agree to:

2.1 You are over 18 years of age or you believe you are permitted to travel by applicable law or your reasoning. At that time your age proof document may be required.

2.2 You are of reasonable age and could have entered into a binding legal contract with us.

2.3 You are in a market country where online gambling is permitted. You are responsible for your ability to use.

2.4 VPNs, proxies, or even identifying your real location cannot be masked or altered.

2.5 You are the authorized user of the provider you are using.

2.6 You must travel with us with your permission and not pay any effort assistance differences.

2.7 You may lose paid coins during the time to bet and you are solely responsible for that lost money.

2.8 Any information used to pay bets was not obtained in violation of any law.

2.9 You are working with someone else or for a commercial purpose or simply as a personal idea in your own hands.

2.10 You may not attempt to tamper with or attempt to tamper with any component of each Market or Service, or allow it to cause damage. at some point

2.11 You shall at all times treat us in good faith with us in good faith for every bet you make.

2.12 You are not acting as a representative or for any commercial purpose, but entirely in your own personal opinion.

3. Privacy and Data Protection

We attach great importance to maintaining our privacy with your personal information. We will endeavor to be prepared to disclose and disclose why we collect your personal information and how it is used. Where you have any objections or rights, we will explain them to you.

This privacy policy explains how JeetBuzz allows us to use our websites.

If you are not conflicted by this Privacy Policy, you are requested not to proceed in particular. Please note that by registering an account, placing bets and betting on our website, this will be your acceptance of our Terms of Business and Privacy Policy. You will not have any problems with your elderly or your country of implementation, they may not have any problems with us.

Our Data Protection Officer

If you have any concerns about your personal information or would like to obtain further information from our Data Protection Officer, you may contact our Data Protection Officer at

Collect information about you

You must provide this information to use our website and related services. You may need this information to register an account on our website, place bets and use our services. You may create an account on our website at any time and cancel it without prior notice, if you do not agree to this privacy policy and our terms and conditions. We may contact you as necessary to take care of this information.

Information that we collect

We may collect various types of information from those who wish to use our website and/or connected services to create an account, which may include:

Your personal information (name, address, email address, phone number, etc.)
Your account details (user name, password, security question, etc.)
Transaction information (bet amount, bonus, authorized transactions, etc.)
Also, we use this information to better serve you. Can provide services and cross social media. If you wish to make any changes to this information, you may contact us directly.

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