KYC Policy of JeetBuzz

When a user on the JeetBuzz platform reaches a lifetime total of deposits over EUR 2000 or requests a withdrawal, they must complete a full KYC process. This involves providing basic personal details and uploading:

  1. A Government Issued Photo ID (front and back in some cases)
  2. A selfie with the ID
  3. A bank statement or utility bill

After uploading, the user will receive a Temporarily Approved Status while the KYC Team reviews the documents within 24hrs. The outcome could be Approval, Rejection, or a request for More information without changing the Status.

While on Temporarily Approved Status:

  • Users can use the platform normally
  • Deposits are limited to EUR 500 in total
  • Withdrawals cannot be completed

Guideline for the KYC Process

  1. Proof of ID:
  2. Ensure there is a signature on the document.
  3. Confirm that the country is not on the list of Restricted Countries, which includes the United States of America, France, Netherlands and its territories, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, and Cyprus.
  4. Verify that the full name on the document matches the client’s name.
  5. Check that the document is valid for at least the next 3 months.
  6. Confirm that the owner is over 18 years old.
  7. Proof of Residence:
  8. Provide a bank statement or utility bill as proof of residence.
  9. Make sure the country is not one of the Restricted Countries listed.
  10. Ensure that the full name on the proof of residence matches the client’s name and is the same as on the proof of ID.
  11. The document should be issued within the last 3 months.
  12. Selfie with ID:
  • The person holding the ID in the selfie should match the individual on the ID document.
  • Verify that the ID document used in the selfie matches the one provided in the Proof of ID section. Check that the photo and ID number are the same.

Notes on the KYC Process

  1. If the KYC process is not successful, the system will document the reason and generate a support ticket. The user will be informed of the ticket number and given an explanation.
  2. After we have received all necessary documents, the account will be approved.

Other AML measures

  1. Users who have not completed full KYC verification are unable to make any additional deposits or withdrawals.
  2. Once a user has successfully completed the KYC process:
  3. There is a maximum deposit limit per transaction, set at EUR 2,000.
  4. Before any withdrawal is processed, a thorough algorithmic and manual review of the user’s activity and balance is conducted to ensure that the withdrawn amount is legitimate and in line with platform activities.
  5. It is strictly prohibited for users to transfer funds directly to another user under any circumstances.
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